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Bo has the incredible, unique abilities. He possesses telekinesis and can control electricity. The truth is that this impact is limited to a very small distance. The only application that guy found unusual skills, this show focuses people on the street. The family fell on hard times. There is not enough cash to pay for shelter and food.

His mother died recently, leaving the boy with little sister in her arms. The girl remains in full charge of her brother. To feed themselves and somehow arrange your life, you need to find a job. He tries to solve the problem of customary practices for African Americans living in the area, way. Guy dares to commit robbery, but risky, reckless attempt ends in a complete failure. Caught in a totally desperate situation, a young man takes the easiest, in his view, and profitable type of criminal activity.

He becomes the distributor of drugs. Illegal occupation does not bode well for the future. New offender attracted the attention of alert police officers. But he fears not only the cops who had taken him under surveillance, but also drug traffickers that are running. They also carefully monitor his movements and Actions. At the slightest misstep, their punishment will be much scarier than the serving of the term in jail. Mass partying in the streets of Los Angeles are regularly, you can easily sell illegal goods. Suddenly appear dislocation with heady provider which operates through potions. Her kidnap and extort a large sum of cash.

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