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Most people are afraid of the unknown, when people did not understand what was going on and could not foresee what events may occur in the near future. It is panic of uncertainty awaits heroes Thriller "Circle" trapped in an unknown location, in which dire things begin to occur. Fifty people belonging to a different race, nationality, social class, as well as having different ages have nothing to do with each other, except that all were locked in a rather strange place.

They didn't know how to hit in this camera, but understand that they could not get labeled for each location. All fifty strangers gathered in a circle in the center of which is located at some unknown mechanism. Soon the captives mysterious cameras become witnessed the murder of one of them. After a while the mechanism selects one more victim. Every prisoner may become the next victim and who it will be is unknown. However, the frightened people understand that mechanism chooses sacrifice, and they ...

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