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Starting the movie "Legion", the viewer observes as the Archangel Michael falls to the ground, then cut off the wings and penetrates into the local police station.

Police officers noticed him and going to kill, but one of them becomes possessed and kills second. Michael was obsessed and leaves. After that, transfer to a small roadside spectator today, located almost in the heart of the desert. There are Bob, the owner of the diner, his son Jeep waitress Charlie and handyman Percy.

At the same time, here are the wife of HoWard and Sandra and their daughter Audrey, a single father and a few casual visitors. At the same time, a strange woman appears, which says that the child of a pregnant Charlie would burn. Then she starts crawling on the walls and attack visitors.

After this incident, disconnected phones, and snack bar turns out to be cut off from the outside world. Strange things begin to occur, and in this moment visitors comes to the aid of Michael, who, as it turns out, had disobeyed orders and came to protect the last hope of humanity: baby Charlie.

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