Chicago Fire Season 1 poster

Chicago Fire Season 1

The main character of the series is firefighter Matthew Casey. He has a very dangerous and difficult job. He risks his life every day. He and his colleagues are heroic people who are always ready to face any danger, not to take risks, not to be afraid and not to run away, as most would do. Such work, of course, interferes with personal life and leads to the fact that a relationship with a woman or a marriage can simply fall apart. Breakups and losses are the eternal companions of people who work too hard.
The team of firefighters in all working situations should be a single whole, act smoothly and together. After all, to cope with the trouble, you need to make the right decisions, weighing all the " pros "and"cons".
Matthew's wife is tired of the fact that she practically does not see her husband because of his work, she filed for divorce. Despite this, he tries to give all his strength to work. But the nerves are not iron, and there are disputes and quarrels between Matthew and his colleagues. But as soon as the team receives a signal that it is time to act, all disputes are immediately forgotten.

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